Wednesday, 29 December 2010

FAO: Roy Hodgson

Since you like passing on the blame to other people, how is this?

That was your fault tonight.

The idealistic mirage of Liverpool supporters and the world-famous Kop is just that - a mirage. It's an illusion which has been perpetuated by Sky to give games at Anfield a unique selling point; ironically, some would argue it lost its lustre when Sky truly dug its claws into English football. Even so, people will hark back to the 60s, 70s and 80s and insist it wasn't always a wall of noise. My grandad says that. I always believe him.

I still maintain we not that bad though - we just don't have St. Etienne, Olympiakos et al every single home game.

But tonight, we did something we've never done before.

A small minority booed Lucas at home to West Ham, and then booed a side top-of-the-table.
A few sung 'you can stick your Gareth Barry up your arse' at the Lazio friendly.
A handful, I'm reliably informed, wanted Souness out.

We've never imploded, though; and make no mistake, that was a complete and utter implosion both on and off the pitch. That was akin to a child getting up in school and throwing a chair at the teacher, and then kicking the headmaster in the crotch.

Under any other circumstance, I'd be livid. I'd be embarrassed. I'd herald tonight as the death of what slight reality holds true regarding the fabled McKop Grandstand.

But this is your fault, Hodgson - and we'll be here long after you are, so there's only one winner in this.

This is your fault for bringing on Joe Cole and playing him central midfield.
This is your fault for shifting Raul Meireles to the right wing, despite the fact Lucas/Meireles has been the highlight of your horrendous tenure.
This is your fault for taking off David Ngog for Ryan Babel.
This is your fault for bringing on Joe Cole and playing him central midfield.
This is your fault for bring on a left-back for our final sub - even if it was to replace one of the worst left-backs this club has seen.
This is your fault for allowing Wolves to have as much time on the ball as possible.
This is your fault for bringing on Joe Cole and playing him central midfield.

And tonight was merely the final action. The straw that broke the camel's back, the drop that broke the dam; the last public humiliation, the last disregard to this football club and what it represents.

This is your fault for coming in on the first day and saying the ownership situation had nothing to do with you.
This is your fault for belittling 'those people' who were trying to do something about it.
This is your fault for blaming the youth players for our defeat to Northampton Town of the old 4th division. At home.
This is your fault for bringing that idiot Mike Kelly along and making him first-team coach.
This is your fault for signing Paul Konchesky, Joe Cole, Brad Jones and Christian Poulsen for around £10million, a couple of youth players and Alberto Aquilani.
This is your fault for making Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina change their style of play to suit your narrow-minded, short-termist viewpoint.
This is your fault for constant contradictions to what you say in order to cling desperately on to a job you know you have no right having.

But most of all, this is your fault for every time you open your mouth; every time you make this club sound like we should belong in the second division. It's your fault for that mentality, and it's your fault the players won't respond to you. It's your fault - and no one else's - that the supporters of this club despise you and despise everything you stand for.

And now you have actually had the temerity to blame the supporters and to blame Kenny Dalglish's interest (which you said wasn't there on your first day - another lie).

Both us and Kenny Dalglish will be here at our club long after you've been amputated from it, like the gangrenous limb your abominable reign has been. We'll still be here next season, "supporting" our team - supporting someone who represents us, who understands us; and someone who is proud to do so.

Roy Hodgson - get out of our club. Please.


  1. Well said, Kris. He has to go, and he has to go now. He is everything that our club shouldn't be. He brings out the worst in the players, and in the fans. He has to go before any more damage is done.

    Then again, I've been saying that for months.

  2. Well said Kristian. He's majorly out of his depth. I know we've been punching above our weight for a long time but the belief that good times could be restored never in my eyes dwindled until Mr. Hodgson took control. He's single handedly strangling the life out of us and is hanging on until the inevitable happens. How much longer must we wait?